Meet The Robots

Valkyrie - 2018 Power Up

Valkyrie is our latest robot. It is capable of intaking and ejecting cubes, as well as extending to more than double it's original height.

Tempest - 2017 Steamworks

Tempest is our first robot as VorTX. It can Deliver gears, shoot fuel, and climb aboard the airship!

Sabre - 2016 Stronghold

Meet Sabre, our 2016 Stronghold robot. Sabre traverses rough defenses with ease and shoots boulders into the tower.

STAG - 2015 Recycle Rush

STAG is capable of making a stack of five totes, and capping it with a recycling can.

Synergy - 2014 Aerial Assist

Synergy uses a winched catapult to launch exercise balls into the high goal. 

The Gator - 2013 Ultimate Ascent

The Gator can shoot in the high goal and scale the first rung of the pyramid, as well as use vision.

Shocker - 2012 Rebound Rumble

Shocker is the first shooting capable robot the team built.

KIRT - 2011 Logomotion

KIRT(Klein ISD Robotics Team) was the first robot the team built.