Channelview District 2019

On March 15th to March 16th, we competed against 34 other teams in our first district competition of the season in Channelview, Texas. During our first competition of the season, we had some obstacles, but we were able to get through them with our teamwork.

During inspection, we found that there was a leak near our compressor and so we failed inspection. It took awhile to figure out what was happening but we realized that it was too complicated so in the end we just needed to simplify it. One of the more major issues was our intake mechanism.The connection between the intake itself and the elevator worked well for a single match but the linear rails were too flimsy. Although we kept trying to fix the rails, we ended up just breaking it. In the end, we decided to ditch the cargo mechanism and we just made out the hatch mechanism flip on a hinge. With this, we were able to get through the next few matches and at the end of qualifiers we were ranked at 14. We were also able to be chosen for the fifth seed alliance with teams 2585 Impact and 2882 Nuts n’ Boltz.

For the quarterfinal matches, we were able to win our first match and that got our whole team excited! We only needed to win our next match to advance to semifinals but we weren’t able to gather enough points and so we lost our second match. To break the tie, we had a third match but at the end, we lost our communication and in the end it was our last match. Although there were some mishaps, it was fun to work with teams Impact and Nuts n’ Boltz!


On March 15th, our Chairman’s team was practicing throughout the day for their presentation. Our team would be the last team to present and so we made sure that we would finish off strong. Our Chairman’s team ran through their presentation a couple of times and when it came close to their presentation time, they waited near the interview room. Then at 2:40 PM, they went into the room, did their best in presentation, and came out. All that was left was to wait. In the pit, we also had our safety captains working hard in keeping our team and other teams safe while also doubling up for Entrepreneurship, wowing the judges with our business plan. Also one of our safety captains, Tessa Urwin became Star of the Day on Saturday! 

In the end of competition, we were able to get runner up in safety and we won the Entrepreneurship Award! Although this competition had some mishaps, we overcame them and are planning to fix up a few things before our next competition in Greenville.

Come out and support us for our next district competition in Greenville, TX from March 21st to March 23rd!



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