SACOT on the Hill 2019

Yesterday on February 19, a handful of our students traveled to Austin to participate in the SACOT on the Hill event. We were very excited to contribute to this year’s state-wide effort of improving STEM education and have been planning to attend this event for a long time. To prepare, we had our students undergo practice interviews, learned about SACOT’s mission, and even met with one of our representatives, Mrs. Valoree Swanson. We met with staff  yesterday to discuss how investing in education for science and technology benefits the community. We helped advocate for House Bill 341 which would provide funding for Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in grades 8 through 12. We also discussed the Technology and Instructional Materials Allotment (TIMA) which would help to provide for instructional materials for those classes and training to teachers which would enhance the learning environment for the students. 


Thank you SACOT, we took the Hill


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