Lone Star South Regional 2018

On March 5-7, 2018, our team competed in the Lone Star South Regional in Pasadena for this year’s Power Up Game. We were up against 30 different teams, all with their own robots and skills, but we had our own skills to show as well.


On the first day, we had our practice matches going on and our members scouting out other teams, seeing what the competition is like. Not only that, but our chairman’s team was also out practicing their presentation that they prepared for the next day. Although this day was not the most exciting part of the competition, our team didn’t let some free time go to waste. We all ended up playing tag with team 3101-Iron Plaid and duck-duck-goose amongst ourselves, having some fun during the long day.

The next day, the real competition started and our pit crew was working really hard on the robot while those in the stands scouted the other teams. During the first few matches we were in, our team was doing its best and we were able to win those first few, but as the matches continued, we started to lose our focus and lost those few matches. One of the bigger problems was our communication and at a point in time, our elevator on the robot wouldn’t work, making us miss a match without Valkyrie, but soon enough we got it working again. While some of the matches were going on in the morning, our Chairman’s team and our Dean’s List Representatives were preparing for their presentation and interviews. Before going into the judges rooms, they were nervous, but afterwards, a sense of relief and satisfaction pulled through. All that was left was the hope of acquiring the Chairman’s Award and the Dean’s List Award. The day ended on the 47th match, making us one of the first teams to play on Saturday.


On the last day, the matches continued until all 70 matches were finished. Now it was time for the alliance choosing. We were able to form an alliance with team 2881-Lady Cans and team 6363 – BirdBots. We were part of the blue alliance but unfortunately lost our two matches so we didn’t go to finals with our robot. Congratulations to the winning alliance teams 624, 118 and 6645!


From the hardwork and dedication that we gave, we were able to receive the Entrepreneurship Award as well as the Safety Award! Although we were anticipating for better results, next year, we will be ready for what’s to come and will come out even stronger! Until then, keep supporting us and we will do our best for the next game! After this long competition, everyone went to Chili’s to celebrate our hard work and put a close to this competition.


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