Texas Robotics Invitational 2017

This weekend, we attended the Texas Robotics Invitational at Strake Jesuit, hosted by Team 3847, Spectrum. The whole weekend was full of fun activities including both competitive matches for an all girls drive team and a mentors drive team. It was great to see everyone give their best on the field, especially in the girls drive team matches. For the all girls tournament we borrowed a team member from Texas Torque and she was a great addition- all of the girls loved working with her. The all girls drive team event was a really great way to empower girls in STEM. We were also able to put together a mixed drive team consisting of our very own Mr. Smith, Mr. Rip from 1477, and Vinh Pham from 4587. This collaboration goes to show how FIRST is basically just one big family united by a love for STEM.

Not only did we enjoy the competition itself, but we enjoyed all of the activities that were hosted on Friday. Some of our members 3D printed fidget spinners, while others attended the conferences such as the electrical control system seminar. Not only that, but Spectrum treated all of the students and mentors to evening socials! There we had a chance to play dodge ball with other teams, and even learn a few magic tricks as taught by Mr. Allen Gregory Sr. from Shadetree Robotics.

As for the competition aspect of TRI, we were training our new lead driver and human players. Even with our rookie drive team, we were ranked tenth out of thirty seven teams after the qualification matches took place. In alliance selection, we were chosen by team 118, Robonauts, and found ourselves in an alliance with 4587, Jersey Voltage, thus reuniting the alliance that won the Lone Star Regional in 2016. After adding 411 Devil Dogs to our alliance, we were set for the playoffs. After a series of heart stopping matches- many of them going against our friends and alliance partners from seasons past, we defeated the second seed alliance making our alliance the 2017 TRI champions.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July from Team 3735, VorTX!

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