World Championship 2017

VorTX 3735, had a memorable experience in our third visit to the world championship as a local team. We made subtle improvements that allowed us to surpass our previous accomplishments by making it to the finals in the Newton division. Because of our side gear autonomous and reliable climb, we were a second pick for the second alliance captain team 330 Beach Bots and first pick 180 S.P.A.M. After advancing through our qual and semi matches, our alliance was tasked with the difficult challenge of playing against the first seeded alliance. Even though our alliance lost we gained valuable playoff experience and everyone was proud of our position.

Our team also got a chance to meet our sister team the Blue Whales 5839 from Jiangsu, China for the first time. During world’s we let them borrow a battery cart and 6 batteries for them to use, helping their travel easier for them not needing to bring as much stuff. We also are storing a tool chest here for them for next years world champs when they come back. With both of us in Newton division we were able to play a friendly game against our companions with gracious professionalism.

The other events during championship provided by FIRST were extremely appreciated. Our members went to a multitude of conferences and learned vital information on how to run our team in future years. We plan to be more active with our social medias and take more incentive to mentor other teams all over the world. We have reached out with a FLL, Hyperion Bots team in South Africa and plan to start the first frc team in South Africa. Our members also traveled the innovation fair and got to see how what we are learning now will help us in the career field.

Overall, throughout all of our practice, qualification, and playoff matches our members were excited to see their hard work all season in the bot. It was extremely rewarding every gear placed and touchpad activated. These achievements couldn’t have been accomplished without all of the dedicated members but more importantly the sponsors, parents, and mentors.

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