Lone Star Central Recap

On March 16 at Lonestar Central, our second competition ended as a rewarding success. Our hardworking team had won qualifying matches thanks to our outstanding gear intake, reliable scaler and to the dedicated, driven, drivers. As a result of our successes, team spirit was at an all time high with our snazzy suspenders and unique cheers. We created everlasting friendships with rookie teams and strengthened previous relations with others.
One relationship grown from assisting rookie teams was with team 6562, The She Heroes, and their gear intake. With help from our innovative ideas they were able to improve their system and eventually win the Highest Seeded rookie team. Additionally, our third alliance selection, the Howdy Bots, won the Rookie All-Star award. We hope these friendships will last deep into the future, provoking countless cooperative opportunities.
Our weekend started out great with us getting in more practice matches than usual. There was a buzz from other teams how we had vastly changed for the better sense our week one competition. We continued throughout quals with winning matches and strategies that allowed us to be ranked highly by the end of qualifiers. By this point, various mentors from other teams were seeking us out as potential alliance candidates, we were starting to make a name for ourselves and became a staggering problem in the way of other teams to advance past in playoffs.
Successfully winning the first round of playoffs, our rotors were flying and are robots climbing. Matches were exciting to watch as the neck and neck scoring lasted for the entire game, with our alliance pulling slightly ahead at the last second. Our busy pit crew had finalized a center gear autonomous which gave us the edge over other teams in our final matches. Semifinals showed even more of the edge of your seat type gameplay the stadium loved to see. The last match we played was the tiebreaker match to advance to finals, even though our alliance ‘fell’ short at the buzzer, the team was overjoyed to have done this well all weekend and anticipated the next time Tempest could get back on the field.
This regional was the best in the team’s history, being ranked 4th overall and the third alliance captain, with support from alumni it is made clear the team progression is imminent and our future has infinite potential. We look forward to improving at Lone Star Central and seeing all of the teams and the amazing things that they can accomplish.

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