FIRST Robotics NFL Football Showcase

On Tuesday, October 1, we attended the NRG Football Showcase. NRG partnered with the NFL and invited teams 1477 Texas Torque, 4587 Jersey Voltage, and 3847 Spectrum to compete in four football oriented challenges.

Beginning around the start of the school year, we had 3 weeks to build our robot. The four challenges it had to compete in were: Agility, Shooting Accuracy, Shooting Distance, and Kicking Distance.

Before the competitions began, we got to meet Vince Wilfork and Chris Covington in person! They gave very helpful words of wisdom, and their enthusiasm towards FIRST was very apparent.

Now for the match results. Texas Torque came in 1st place, our team in 2nd place, Jersey Voltage in 3rd place, and Spectrum in 4th. For coming in 1st place, NRG awarded Texas Torque with $5,000, and everyone else was awarded $2,000.

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