Texas Robot Roundup – 2016 Stronghold

On July 29th, 2016, our team attended the Texas Robot Roundup held in Austin, TX. Our robot was functioning well after the Texas Robot Invitational, so our drivers were ready to show the true performance of our robot, Sabre.

Throughout the whole competition, our robot almost never suffered from a communication issue with the driver station, a problem that plagued us for many past competitions. With this new strength, we played some extreme defense. In one of the qualification matches, we even knocked the camera off of team 5431’s robot. After all the qualification matches were over, it was time to pick the alliances. We were the first pick by the 8th seed alliance captain. Our complete alliance was comprised of teams 2848 (All Sparks), 5431 (Titan Robotics), and 4639 (RoboSpartans).

We put up quite a fight during the quarterfinals. Our drivers played very consistent defense, keeping the opposing teams at bay. One of the most significant quarterfinal matches was Quarterfinal 5, where our alliance scored 167 points v.s. the 170 points scored by teams 118, 148, and 5242.

However, we did not advance past the quarterfinals. Even if we did not go on to compete in the semifinals, it was still a very fun day for all of us. We can’t wait to see how the competition will be at the Houston Robot Remix coming up in October.

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