Texas Robot Invitational

On June 25th, our team went to the Strake Jesuit College Preparatory to compete in the Texas Robot Invitational. It’s been weeks since we’ve competed in a Stronghold competition, but we were primed and ready for TRI.


However, at the start of matches, we were having communication issues with our robot. Hitting the defenses hard would result in a loss of communication with our driver station. Once we got the robot back to the pits, team Texas Torque came to our aid and helped resolve our problems. A loose, unsecure wire was the source of our despair, and Texas Torque previously encountered that same problem as well, and they quickly pointed it out to us. After securing the wire, we put up some strong defense, being able to survive strong impacts with other robots and the defenses. We had a new co-driver for this competition, and we’re glad to say that he performed well under the pressure of competition.

We were picked to be on the 6th seed alliance, comprised of teams 5431 Titan Robotics, 5427 Steel Talons, and 3103 Iron Plaid. With our valiant alliance partners,  we made it all the way to the quarterfinals.

It was an extremely fun day for all of us, and with the help of the extremely friendly team Texas Torque (1477), we were able to alleviate a major problem that arose in our robot.

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