Build Season 2016

After a win at HRR and a demonstration at ExxonMobil, the time had finally come to commence our 6th Build Season. Everyone in our team was eager to see what FIRST had in store as we gathered for the competition reveal video. It was now time to build a champion robot!


In the beginning of our design process, we outlined every quality we hoped to gain for our robot and then we brainstormed mechanical methods to accomplish those qualities. We then narrowed the ideas down using criteria, and went through our concept selection. Next, we began prototyping and troubleshooting for the issues we would encounter with the final design.


CAD was an important tool for our finalization process. After each week, our progression was steady and our hopes were high. A simple drawing in pencil slowly became an intricate system of aluminum and wiring, and by the end of Build Season we were happy with our final product.


Good luck to all of the team’s Attacking and Defending the Stronghold!


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