ExxonMobil Demonstration

On November 7th, ExxonMobil graciously allowed us to demonstrate our robots at their Houston campus during Families’ day. The whole team was mesmerized by the sheer beauty and sophistication of their new facility. Our team used STAG from this year’s Recycle Rush game, and Synergy from last year’s Aerial Assist game to demonstrate how STEM can be applied to real world problems. ExxonMobil was generous enough to provide us with a large room for our demonstrations which allowed our electrical team to display their newly updated L.E.D system. The final product was not only amazing, but it gave STAG some well needed flare that helped generate excitement for our demonstration.

Prior to the demonstration, our mechanical team performed a series of maintenance procedures on our robots, such as repairing the gearbox and tension limiter on Synergy, correctly reconnecting both of our robots to the wireless driver station, and checking up on STAG’s mechanical and electrical systems. Other than these small fixes and a few Wi-Fi errors, there were no major developments during our demonstration, and we were happy to deliver a safe and professional demonstration to the guests of ExxonMobil’s Family day.


During our demonstration, families from all around town were able to get a taste of what it’s like to be involved in the world of Robotics. The children were given the opportunity to help drive the robots, as well as pick up some knowledge on how they work. Getting the youth interested turned out to be more challenging, but once we peeked their interest, their inner curiosity manifested itself in the form of intellectual pursuit, and they began to enjoy the demonstration. Who knows they may end up becoming the future engineers and scientists that fuel our modern economy one day! As for the parents, they were able to take a look into who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Parents control almost every aspect of their children’s life; by giving them positive direction along with support, and encouragement the dreams of success we all share can be made into reality. In this demonstration, our goal was not only to enlist mentors and members to our team, but to inspire the youthful minds that will one day inherit this Earth.


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