9 Months of Klein Bots

Previously our blog covered our time at the Dallas regional competition, and boy has it been a ride since then! Over the past 8 months we’ve gained new experiences, ideas, friendships and even some hardships along the way. We have been a busy team participating in the Hub City (Lubbock) regional, the Lone Star regional held in Houston, and for the first time in our team’s history we were invited to the FRC World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri!

With the experience gained at Dallas, we were able to identify and fix a few new issues, as well as brainstorm new ideas for the overall design of STAG. Our team came together and assembled a new tote intake system as well as new components for the elevator. In just one month, we brainstormed a new strategy that would accompany the design changes, and sharpened the skills of our drivers to adapt to the new pieces of our robot. After the changes were made and thoroughly tested it was time to literally test our metal in the Hub City regional competition! Our time there was definitely a roller coaster ride with the ever consuming motions of competition. Parish Robotics, team 3626, chose us to be on alliance number 7 along with team 5454. We made alliances, learned new things and at the end through hard work earned the rank of 23… I am proud to say that we gave it our all, but in the end we didn’t make it to the semi-finals. Nevertheless, we had a blast at Lubbock, and received great news from FRC, who invited us to the World Championship in St. Louis Missouri. Before wrapping things up in Lubbock we had the opportunity to meet some of the Klein Bots’ alumni from Texas Tech University who were happy to see their old team.

Following Hub City, we were set to compete in the Lone star Regional Competition, held in our own backyard: Houston. This was to be our last official regional for this FRC season, so we were motivated to give it our all. Through the qualification matches, we were ranked 5th, and managed to earn the title of Alliance Captain once again. We chose teams 3478, and 5416, and although we didn’t make it to semifinals, we ended up with an average playoff score of 97.00, our highest finals average yet!

Finally, we were able to end the 2015 FRC season with the World Competition in St. Louis, Missouri. As part of the Hopper division, we ranked 25th. After qualifications, team 3255, The Super NURDS, chose us along with teams 1723 and 3042 to be on alliance number 6. Together we “stacked em’ high” and came out of quarterfinals ranking 3rd with an average score of 175.50! In the semi-finals, we fought fiercely, and with our teams’ combined resilience and hard work we ended up ranking 4th! The champions of our division were teams 987, 2826, 4265, and 2512, which moved on to compete against teams 118, 1678, 1671, and 5012, our current FRC 2015 World Champions. Congratulations to all the teams who competed, we hope to see you all again in the coming season!

Through these amazing experiences – the triumphs and the hardships – we’ve come to know first-hand what FIRST Robotics is really about. It’s not about the end result of a competition, it’s about the journey and how it defined us as people. This season never stopped bringing out the best in our team, and we will carry this greatness with us in the upcoming season. Go team!


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