Dallas Regional | Week 1

This weekend, the Klein Bots participated in the Dallas Regional held at the Irving Convention Center. There were over forty teams from a variety of places: Oklahoma, Colorado, Nevada, and all over the good ol’ state of Texas.


Day One, Ready for the beginning of Qual Matches.

It was Week 1 of competition and teams were finally able to show off their 6 weeks of hard work. There were a variety of designs, from short to tall robots, wide to narrow, yellow to blue, and it proved early that no one design was the best.

The first day of matches we were still getting practice driving and we had some tough matches, but we had a great day Saturday including two of the highest scoring qualification matches of the competition, and finishing ranked seventh at the end of qualification matches. As the number six alliance captain, we selected Team 1296: The Full Metal Jackets and Team 932: The Circuit Chargers.


Getting ready for the next match.


Number 6 Alliance: Captains with Team 1296 and Team 932.


Strategizing with our Alliance partners

Our robots complimented each other well and even though we were the #6 alliance, we were able to upset two of the higher seeds and rank fourth overall.

Overall, it was a great experience and great way to start the season, and our first time making it to semifinals. We would like to congratulate our friends Team 118: The Robonauts, Team 624: CRpytonite, and Team 2613: PROTOBOT for winning the regional. We would also like to thank our alliance members for a job well done and congratulate Team 1296 for winning the Woodie Flowers award and Team 932 for the Engineering Inspiration Award and the Industrial Safety Award!


Great work, everyone!

Back to headquarters where we’ll get ready for the Hub City Regional in 4 weeks. See you then!