2014 Texas Robot Roundup

This past weekend, Klein Bots participated in the 4th annual Texas Robot Roundup, an offseason FRC event that gives Texas teams the opportunity to play one last time before the new season kicks off.

Friday began the qualification rounds, in which Klein Bots participated in 6 of our 10 qualification matches. Our robot was consistent and steady throughout, with almost no mechanical malfunctions. Though during one match we had some electrical problems, we were quick to fix the issue, and Klein Bots was back into action for the next match. Klein Bots performed very well at inbounding and assisting other teams on our alliances, as well as playing heavy defense against our opponents.

On Saturday, the qualification rounds continued, and Klein Bots competed in a few more matches. One round in particular stood out, Qualification match 50, in which we, along with our alliance partners FRC#148, The Robowranglers, and FRC#1477 Texas Torque, scored 251 points with a system of assists that used all of the robots’ abilities efficiently and effectively. Klein Bots completed the qualification rounds ranked 14, and was selected by Texas Torque, and FRC#4587 Jersey Voltage, to be a part of the 3rd seed alliance. This was the second straight year we got to play with Jersey Voltage and Texas Torque at this very event, forming an all Houston alliance. The alliance then selected a rookie team from Orange, Texas, FRC#5287, FLARE to be the 4th team on our alliance.

As a part of the third seed alliance, we competed against the sixth seed in the quarterfinals. With two decisive wins against FRC#2587, the Disco Bots, FRC#2950, the Devastators, and FRC#3481, The Bronc Botz, our alliance moved on to the semifinals, where we won our first match of three. In our second match of the semis, we suffered defeat against our opponents, FRC#1296, The Full Metal Jackets, FRC#3005, The Robochargers, and FRC#2158, The ausTIN CANs. Finally, in a very close match 3, Texas Torque made a last second truss shot, sending us to the finals, where we met 3 of the best teams in Texas, FRC#624 CRyptonite, FRC#118 The Robonauts, FRC#2789 Texplosion. In the finals, our alliance played with systematic assists like usual, and Klein Bots played heavy defense. Despite our efforts, in a gut-wrenching first finals match, we were defeated 176-118. In the second match of the finals, we were playing for our lives, but unfortunately lost 211-161, which gave our alliance second place, making it the second time this offseason that we lost to CRyptonite, the winners of the 2014 Texas Robotics Invitational, in the finals.

Klein Bots is grateful for the opportunity to play against so many achieved teams from around Texas. We’d like to extend our great thanks to Texas Torque and Jersey Voltage for the opportunity to make it to the finals with two wonderful teams for the second straight year, as well as FLARE for being a wonderful alliance member. Klein Bots would like to congratulate teams 624, 188, 2789, and pre-rookie team 9997 from Pearland for winning the 2014 Texas Robot Roundup. We would also like to thank team 2158, the ausTIN CANS, along with NI for hosting this wonderful event, and the weather in Austin for being so cool and accommodating.

After a great competition, we’re shifting our focus to other things. This next weekend on August 9th, we go to Barbara Bush Library where we will be doing a demonstration for the public, which we hope you will all attend at 10:30 AM. It’s been a great summer, as we got to play with some of the best teams in Texas in two very well-run competitions, but after two disappointing finals losses, we focus our efforts on improving our robot for the Houston Robot Remix in October, where we hope to get our first win in team history. We thank all of you for your support this summer, and we will continue to work hard towards that blue banner. Be sure to check out the social media buttons below to see how you can keep up with us going forward.