2014 Texas Robotics Invitational

On June 21st, the KleinBots participated in the annual Texas Robotics Invitational hosted by Spectrum Team 3847, and what a great event it was!

This was the first offseason event for the team this season and we did amazing. As this was the first offseason event, we changed a few things. One thing being that we removed the catapult as it was creating many problems like being prone to damage and attracting defense on other teams to block us even when we weren’t in the match to shoot.

As a result of removing this mechanism we were able to improve our inbounding ability; a strategy we were known for. We designed a flexible yet rigid structure out of fiberglass rods we found at a hardware store. This structure allowed us to practically throw the ball into a box that diluted the balls inertia and settled the ball faster and therefore making the output stage of inbounding faster and more controlled.

Following this change we became a more consistent and reliable team to work with, this attracted other top teams interest in our ability, and this became apparent when we were selected by Team 148, The Robowranglers and Team 2789, Texplosion for the eliminations rounds. We were also alliance with Team 3999, Shadetree Robotics.

Our alliance was amazing! We won both quarterfinal matches which advanced us to the semifinals where we won both matches and therefore advanced us to the finals! Team morale was high, we were all surprised by our performance, and so we went in to the finals matches. Sadly our opponents were too strong and we lost both matches, but what a day we had!

We walked away with a finalist trophy which was still an unbelievable result! We look forward to next year and our next competition in Austin, TX! Furthermore we congratulate Team 624, CRyptonite; our host Team 3847, Spectrum; Team 1429 Team KAOS; and Team 5070, Gearnotics on a well deserved win!